This new merchandise of the Enneagram Nine are:

This new merchandise of the Enneagram Nine are:

The new Enneagram refers to the 9 numerous kinds otherwise styles, with each representing a worldview and you may archetype you to resonates with the means anybody imagine, getting and operate when it comes to the nation, someone else and you can by themselves. It’s a great deal more than an identity profile that offers perception into center characteristics, as it delves higher toward key motivations, defence mechanisms and anxieties very often rest regarding involuntary levels in our identification framework. The Enneagram key style of feels like a property foot from which i make sense off individuation, combination and you will creativity. Other terms and conditions familiar with describe the thought of ‘type’ tend to be resonance, personality, lens, perspective otherwise concept.

You will need to understand that various other Enneagram styles appearance commonly according to habits alone, and you may outward habits will be . To identify between appearances, it is critical to availableness motivation – to understand more about why a person chooses to act for the a certain method and just why pretending in that way are valued because of the one to personal.

Enneagram Nines is motivated of the a need to be paid and you will into the harmony on the business and, consequently, becoming flexible and recognizing would be vital that you them. They focus on a peaceful existence and you will take pleasure in balances, preferring to get rid of disagreement. At their best, Nines try experienced since thinking-aware and you will vibrant. They offer brand new gift off proper, sustainable step to help you on their own and business as much as them. Less-suit Nines is educated as the procrastinating, persistent and you may self-doubting. It comes from a pattern of going together to obtain collectively with others and the eventual soreness you to appears if this method is not fulfilling.


  • Agreeable: Nines are easy to be friends with. Anybody else experience them as discover, receptive and you may quiet.
  • Understanding: Nines can pay attention to distinctions and you may understand several views, having an effective skill into the synthesis and you may trying to find commonalities all over variations.
  • Patient: Nines carry out acts from inside the a relaxed, alternative means, trusting the new pure flow from systems and processes.
  • Supportive: Others become accepted, heard and you may know about presence out of Nines. It accept some body to possess who they really are to check out its full potential.
  • Genuine: Everything pick is really what you have made that have an effective 9 and he could be unpretentious. Someone else shall be more comfortable with him or her.

Regular Action Designs:

Enneagram nine is within the action heart of your Enneagram, however it is the fresh conflicted archetype within center. Nines handle its environment because of the perhaps not allowing others to manage them, typically resisting within the a couch potato ways. Their procedures, and frequently shortage of step, is worried about keeping balance and you can serenity. Nines pass up dispute. They generate common rhythms and you can practices in their lifetime and you will draw morale from this pattern off engagement through its work and you may ecosystem. Nines need to become connected and you can next to somebody, and therefore may lead to an effective “blending” of your energy towards the some body closest in it. This may use the style of following the activities, appeal, passions if you don’t feelings of those in their intimate space.

Typical Thought Models:

Nines like prepared techniques, clarity and information and certainly will, for this reason, manage tips or habits right away. Also more likely expert within throwing huge amounts of information or detail into a coherent framework. Good Nine could be far more difficult-headed and you may stubborn than just people who have no idea her or him get realise. They barely express this new view and you may care about-speak which they practice with folks as they do not should “subject” them to this type of opinion lest it weighs in at him or her down. Nines may be retired in order to getting a bit dissatisfied with particular aspects of the existence or dating.

Typical Impression Patterns:

Though Nines experience a variety of intense attitude, it enterprise a level-tempered and simple-heading demeanour. They keep solid feelings so you’re able to by themselves, enabling anyone else to relax and play the newest Nine because the extremely friendly and serene, even though they may well not become this way inside the house. Because emotions check really intense with the 9 as well as much time having equilibrium, it experience most thoughts in the lower in order to modest volume regarding intensity. Even with their ability to help you mediate incompatible facts, Nines hate hooking up with the individual fury. Outrage are an emotionally draining sense to own Nines, whom will need some time to see that they’re upset. It, therefore, do not let by themselves to relax and play fury constantly otherwise as well intensely. Nines “pay attention” towards emotions and ideas of the people to him or her. When they enthusiastic and energised, the brand new Nine have a tendency to show within desire and you will positivity. A similar will happen when individuals as much as them are feeling off.