The Golden Era Revisited: Marlin 336A and Its Waffle Top Receiver

The Golden Era Revisited: Marlin 336A and Its Waffle Top Receiver


In the arena of classic total-duration tubular newspaper handle firearms, two iconic rifles often spring to mind: the very best-ejecting Winchester Model 94 and the area-ejecting Marlin 336. These rifles are synonymous with the venerable .30-30 printer cartridge, nevertheless the Marlin 336 platform has a couple of surprises up its sleeve, such as the one we’re about to explore. This informative article requires a closer inspection at the Marlin 336A handle-activity rifle, a piece of firearms historical past with unique features plus a chambering which has withstood the exam of energy.

Historical Past from the Marlin 336A

The Marlin 336A posseses an interesting background, going back to the intro in 1948 for an up-to-date descendant in the renowned Design 1893. Over the years, this has been supplied in a variety of configurations, often named after barrel/publication hose measures and pistol-grip variations, including Marauder, Texan, and Trapper. Caliber possibilities have been different, with some, like the .219 Zipper and .307 Earn., now discontinued.

One exclusive function of the 336A is its “waffle leading” recipient, a style that embellished Marlin rifles from the model’s inception until 1952. This feature, known as “waffle top rated” by Marlin fanatics, incorporates a curly design on the receiver’s top, designed to lessen glare while using the unique available sights. As shooters did start to position optics making use of receiver sights and required benefit from one side ejection for range mounting, Marlin eventually opted for a smooth recipient best, abandoning this original plastic feel.

Another notable feature adored by classic Marlin enthusiasts may be the rifle’s robust perch-tummy fore-finish.

The Attractiveness from the Marlin 336A

The Marlin 336A shines as being a lever-motion gun using a 24-in . barrel, brief magazine, and pistol grip carry, making it a well-balanced and comfy weapon. Its style boosts its feel and managing, leading to its ageless attractiveness.

It’s well worth bringing up another vintage Marlin model by using a two-thirds newspaper – the 336SC (Showing off Carbine). The 336SC features a 20-inches barrel and was constructed from 1948 to 1963. It absolutely was obtainable in .30-30, .35 Rem., and .32 Acquire. Spl. Amongst the current Marlin catalog, the sole variant I’m aware of that retains both the-thirds publication by using a 24-inches barrel will be the gray/black color laminate-supplied .30-30 XLR.

Shooting the Marlin 336A

Snapping shots the 336A is actually a wonderful practical experience. The rifle boasts a clean 3.5-pound bring about, which shines as being an superb trigger for a large game lever-measures gun. Why is the 336A much more exciting is its chambering in .35 Remington, a printer cartridge that owes a lot of its ongoing lifestyle to the Marlin 336 series.

The .35 Remington has endured as one of the previous remaining commercially created replacements from your quartet introduced in 1906 for your Product 8 autoloader. While its ballistics aren’t vastly distinctive from a 170-grain .30-30, the .35 Remington’s 200-grain bullet offers more excess weight and frontal region, supplying an edge really worth debating. This container consistently get favour with ammunition producers like Remington, Winchester, Federal, DoubleTap, Hornady, and Buffalo Bore.

In the 24-inches barrel from the 336A, 200-grain Remington Central-Lokts averaged 2,110 toes per second (fps). When you search for more performance, choices like the Hornady 200-grain LeverEvolution or Buffalo Bore’s 220-grain Hefty can additional increase the .35 Remington’s capabilities.

Nonetheless, despite its prospective benefits, the .35 Remington struggles to go beyond the mind-boggling popularity and ease of access from the .30-30 Winchester.

Variety Evaluating

During array testing, 2 types of 200-grain ammunition had been assessed: Remington Core-Lokt and DoubleTap Tough Cast. The shooting was conducted at a distance of 75 yards, difficult for shooters utilizing available points of interest.

Surprisingly, the two lots demonstrated guaranteeing accuracy and reliability. The most effective class accomplished with Core-Lokt ammunition assessed just below 1.35 ins, even though the DoubleTap group was just under two inches. Because of the rifle’s age group, it’s advisable to look at installing a Lyman or Williams receiver vision for enhanced reliability, as this certain design predates the era of scale mounting.


Antique Marlin rifles, much like the 336A, are highly desired in today’s weapon market. Although they are often somewhat hard to find in employed shelves, their historical significance and gratifaction cause them to worth the search. The Marlin 336A chambered in .35 Remington shines as a invisible gem one of the various 336 versions, mixing an original history, robust features, as well as the enduring attractiveness of a traditional lever-motion gun.