Societal Study Lay Dysfunction-Serbian 2013 Federal Wellness Questionnaire

Societal Study Lay Dysfunction-Serbian 2013 Federal Wellness Questionnaire

Research utilized are from the next Federal Questionnaire used by Ministry off Health of one’s Republic out-of Serbia when you look at the 2013. Brand new questionnaire are presented prior to a kind of the brand new cross-sectional learn from the area of the Republic regarding Serbia and you may it didn’t through the inhabitants way of life on region from the brand new Independent Area for Kosovo and Metohija. On third browse, a strategy applied is actually the fresh new methodology and you will instruments of European Wellness Lookup-the second revolution (EHIS-wave dos) (Eurostat, 2013).

4%. Out-of sixteen,474 entered people in domiciles older than 19, more fourteen,623 ones provided to be questioned, toward effect rate out-of 88.9%. On final number of people who provided the fresh agree to have this new polling, 13,922 accepted to fill the newest questionnaire (the new effect rate out-of 94.1%). The information and knowledge included in that studies are the content with the the latest adult avove the age of 19.

The information set could have been submitted for the a community databases Figshare and is also available on: Investigation has been published as Excel document whenever you are forms have PDF types. Customers try liberated to accessibility and reuse such study on links provided over.

Description off Federal Survey Consequences

The analysis integrated thirteen,922 individuals old 19 and over, a great deal more women (54.0%), than just guys (46.0%). The average ages of individuals was ± 17.eight years. The most significant amount of people was in fact from an urban environment (56.4%), were married (64.7%), got secondary school quantity of studies (54.5%), had been working (32.6%) and they belonged into the poorest categories of inhabitants (22.5%).

Regarding ten,089 domiciles altogether, six,500 of them offered the agree into the involvement throughout the look, therefore the speed out of family response try 64

Regarding read test this new Body mass index ranged out of twelve.5 so you’re able to 55.nine kg/meters dos , to the mediocre value of Body mass index off 26.6 kilogram/yards 2 . The greatest part of individuals (37.2%) were in a sounding regular weight people, used by the obese (thirty-six.9%), together with obese (23.6%). The least quantity of persons have been in a group of the fresh underweight (2.3%). The portion of obese and obese (Body mass index ? 25) persons (60.5%) was step one.5 times higher when it comes to the part of the conventional weight persons. Being obese of I degree (Body mass index = 30.0–34.nine kg/yards 2 ) are present in 17.1% from persons, being obese from II training (Body mass index = 35.0–39.9 kilogram/yards dos ) within 5.0% and you will carrying excess fat from III studies (Body mass index ?40 kg/yards dos ) had step 1.5% regarding people.

By the observation in accordance with market services, there’s a statistically factor throughout the level of the latest pounds updates. The research by gender showed that female had been regarding the higher fee which have typical pounds in relation to the fresh new dudes (forty 33.3%). Fat was the greater number of frequent inside the dudes (43.5%: 29.2), the fresh new obesity was in a much bigger percentage found in female (24.9%: twenty-two.1) (? dos = ; p ? 0.001). The common worth of Body mass index are statistically notably high within the dudes () in terms of women () (t = 4.289; p ? 0.001). Prevalence of number of individuals have been (over weight and you may fat) try slowly improved on the persons’ years of lifetime and high was a student in age 65–74 decades (74.5%), immediately after people decades it had been decreased (? 2 = ; p ? 0.001).

The highest incidence of one’s fat (39.2%) additionally the obese (31.6%) are among widowers and you can widows, as lower incidence from being obese (8.4%) are certainly individuals have been never ever hitched otherwise who had been inside the the average-rules marriage ceremonies (? 2 = ; p ? 0.001).

Individual that lived-in a metropolitan environment (22.1%) had rather all the way down prevalence of your carrying excess fat in the relation to the fresh new people living in almost every other agreements (twenty-five.6%) (? p = ; p ? 0.001). The largest part of the latest fat and you may fat people which have Body mass index (?25) was present in Southern area and you can East Serbia (62.2%) and Vojvodina (61.8%) (? 2 = ; p = 0.003).