Sexting with the Snapchat as well as extremely securities you to definitely your own subs and you can support build a rapport making currency

Sexting with the Snapchat as well as extremely securities you to definitely your own subs and you can support build a rapport making currency

We post a tremendously personable acceptance content as well as have push you to definitely I am receptive whenever i advertise my Regarding with the Reddit and Personally i think such as this draws men who like to score a beneficial lil far more private. 9/10 out-of sexting users could well be repeat users to me. And also both Unwell at random send-out stuff inside the a bulk message in lieu of post they plus it always cause a number of convos that have subs and you may helps make what you become a bit more personal.

2. Im in the over $4k group. My secret is tiktok. I hardly promote anywhere else. I target a very specific audience with my videos on tiktok, and if you find me and see my content youll understand based on my music choices. I show my face and flirt a lot with the camera. I also post a lot of personal content about mental health and sobriety. I just be myself because some people over-act and lay it on too thick, and it feels disingenuous. I really think fans can pick up on that. Feel free to find and follow me if you want. My name on there is shugahboogah

step 3. A way bit more than 4K. Ive been on for a bit over a month and a half now. In the beginning I promoted on Reddit almost all day but now I only spend an hour or so doing it. For me, I took make it about your personality a whole new level – I post my writings on my Reddit, emphasize the girl next door aspects of myself through different pictures. On my OF, I regularly correspond with subscribers in discussions, post multiple times a day, and do post BG content without PPV.

cuatro. For me I made it to top 15% and made $600 so far, so its not that much. But keep in mind the revenue required to reach top 1% from top 5% for example I believe to be sort of exponential, so if I made it to top 15% with only 600, Ill probably need $10000 to reach top 2% (based on what I know) but I could be wrong since Im only at 15% lol and cant make that calculation yet. But the top 0.15 – 0.01 probably make upwards of 10k to 20k a month

5. Ive made $1700 in a month and a half and top 14% currently. At one point I was eight.7% but things got slow for a bit

six. For the past 3 months Ive been heavily involved on OnlyFans and am now in the top 5% worldwide. So far Ive grossed about $5800usd and taken home about $4660 of that amount.

It entails more than just nudity to be successful enough to generate good money at that work- it will require an understanding of your readers, playing gaps and you will markets on the market, communications event, advertising, and a lot of punishment!

7. Last month I had my best ever being at 0.06% of top creators on OF, and I earned around 80k. But usually I’m around 0.1% earning 40-60k.

I became stuck in the 1% getting a bit also (since i have just put Reddit during the time) but when Used to do that and discovered making use of TikTok, Instagram and Myspace, it helped a lot.

The quintessential members I have had at a time try next to 10k. My personal webpage try $5.99 and you will my supply try non-nude but most lewd, and so i manage bring PPV that’s more direct than simply the things i report on my personal provide.

I will in addition to speak about that i usually market having fun with SFW stuff and i haven’t complete complete nudity (zero vagina) also back at my superior pages, however, We provide topless nude given that PPV between $twenty-five around $fifty dependent if it is some photographs or a video. Lower PPV for example strip teases, oral concentrated, butt spanking, etcetera, which can be low-nude We speed anywhere between $step 3 up to $20

8. Ive only done this full time for a month but I made about $1500 (before tax) in e if not a bit less. I do hope I continue to grow because tax takes almost $500 away from that.

In the event that my Out of is actually on the some a smaller level Id most likely give discounted sexting rates to have first time to help you reel them during the, I do believe that would be a great way to present a commitment

nine. I spent a month at top 40% and made $120. Now at top 30% Im on track to make in the $200 range. The vast majority of creators make very little. (And I am pretty sure they only count active accounts.)

Ive over they a year; usually do not promote they, and also make from the $4k thirty day period, but nonetheless functions 2 full time work

ten. From Nov 16 – Dec 16, I made $2500. Minus onlyfans cut 20% + 30% for taxes. I netted 1250$ I dont do this full time though. The rest of this month probably into January will be less then 1/2 that by the looks of things.

11. Last month i was 1.6% and made almost $6,000. This month I’ve been busy and I guess my subscribers are as well so im probably only gonna hit $4,000. I got laid off of my day job when i had finally hit $2,000 a month and I was like welp I guess thats ok then.

a dozen. Ive tried my best to stay consistent, even just doing this part time because i still have a full time job. I make about 750-850 month over month,and typically sit around 40 subs each month without too many promos.

My page was $10/mo. I am considering undertaking an associate day job a club so we hope which can bring me personally more regional coverage however, I’m definitely trying offer far more right here towards the Reddit/Fb since i have rating shade prohibited usually on the Instagram. I’m pleased for this type of suggestions pages and you can started noticing my personal fan matter develop little-by-little to my reddit sw twt acc but still unclear just how to continue broadening, particularly as this month has been Thus sluggish.

13. On track for 5k this month, I would say though on onlyfans itself I do about 1k a month, the rest I do via cashapp and Venmo through Snapchat or Kik!

fourteen. This is stow away money, it will not be forever and waivers month to month. Usually I direct men to cash app, and email them a drop link of what they want, I ask for 7 days to make them “custom “ content. Cash app is instant with no 20%, and no tax. Its a built trust, wnd not everyone will do it, but it helps heavy. Snapchat too.