Rather mami – Lil Uzi Vert lyrics

Rather mami – Lil Uzi Vert lyrics

Yeah, yeah (Hollup) Key (hollup) she need inside, yeah, yeah Ball ’em when you look at the, fallin’ within the bundles regarding plant life particularly Parliament Can’t say for sure, large dawg like ours

[Chorus: Steeped a child] My personal bitch also overseas, you need a visa (woo) I do not you would like this lady (bitch) Pull up miss finest which have good eater (skrrt) Two-seater (skrrt) The bitch need f*ck back at my AP (AP, ice) The fresh fridge (ice) I woke up thinkin’ ’bout rings (bands) Get away from a jet so you tgpersonals beÄŸenenleri görme can a whenever i house (woo) My personal bitch as well foreign, you would like a visa (bitch) I don’t you need the lady Pull-up drop ideal having good eater (yeah) Two-seater (skrrt, skrrt) Brand new bitch wish f*ck to my AP (bitch) The brand new fridge (woah) I woke up thinkin’ ’bout bands (just what right up?) Jump out-of a plane so you can a check while i property (ooh, yuh, yuh)

[Verse 2: Kendrick Lamar] Huge attempt, hollup, hold off Peanut butter insides Lookup, exterior Cocaine white, system appear to be Gentiles (Gentiles) Signal during the day, get a perspective daily Get a beneficial bitch that have a tan of the pool each and every day Rating a good clique which have an idea, render a gem daily I never ever sleep, I gotta eat, I gotta moving We Milly Stone whenever i get that improve How to store with like 64 M’s? Talkin’ to help you Better throughout the business once more He need much with this new Bentleys once more I’d like certain greatest out-of including a couple set out-of twins Twinny dual twins, yeah, yeah Ayy, bitch (bitch), in which your pals?

Yeah, yeah (Hollup) Key (hollup) she wanted during the, yeah, yeah Baseball ’em inside, fallin’ from inside the packages off plant life such as for instance Parliament Can’t say for sure, larger dawg for example ours

[Chorus: Steeped the kid] My cunt as well international, you desire a charge (woo) I do not you prefer the woman (bitch) Pull-up drop most readily useful that have a beneficial eater (skrrt) Two seater (skrrt) The brand new bitch wish f*ck on my AP (AP, ice) Brand new freezer (ice) We woke up thinkin’ ’bout groups (bands) Leap out-of a jet to a check as i house (woo) My personal cunt too overseas, you want a charge (bitch) I really don’t you want the girl Pull up lose most readily useful with a eater (yeah) Two-seater (skrrt, skrrt) The fresh new cunt need to f*ck back at my AP (bitch) The fresh freezer (woah) I woke upwards thinkin’ ’bout rings (just what right up?) Move away from a plane in order to a check when i belongings (ooh, yuh, yuh)

Cannot no one touch my swag Cannot nobody touching my personal swag Can not not one person touching my swag Are unable to not one person touch my swag Child your own minutes right up now (you gotta go) The reasons why you loathing to my gang yeah (your gotta understand)(fairly mami)

Reveal, I’ma let you know You simply cannot remain em intimate, expensive diamonds they therefore froze H2o eg a yacht Spanish woman called Rosa, and you can she in the coast She know I am a good soldier, woman, I’ll tell you I’ma let you know Diamonds they therefore froze, drinking water particularly a yacht Foreign-language woman called Rosa, and you may she on the coast Prolly in your poster, have that guap just like I am posin’ Get that thot just such as I versuri-lyrics.information I’ma let you know, you cannot continue em close Expensive diamonds it therefore froze, h2o such as a yacht Foreign language lady entitled Rosa, and you will she on the coastline She learn I’m a beneficial soldier Woman I’ma tell you, We complete show Expensive diamonds it thus froze, liquids instance a yacht Language woman named Rosa, and you may she regarding coastline Prolly on the poster, get that guap same as I am posin’ Have that thot just particularly We.

80k a show, 100k a tv show (alright) Why my personal neck so frozen? As to the reasons my Rollie golden? Walking using my .forty, and you may my money appearing Strolling thereupon surprised AP, my money isn’t foldin Child I’m not sluggish, you hate toward low You was still at home, I found myself on the road Be aware that I am a puppy, I’m bad to the bones Dior my fragrance, smoking gasoline it is good Get-off me personally by yourself, avoid getting in touch with my personal phone Already know what you’re considering lil child, girl, oh I am aware She said “Uzi baby, they ain’t had zero dough” As to the reasons you’re therefore dope? You recognize.