Publicly gay Boston Cops investigator, homicide investigator lower than Martin Quirk’s order

Publicly gay Boston Cops investigator, homicide investigator lower than Martin Quirk’s order

del Rio, Victor. Hispanic mob employer off Los angeles, dad from Jill Joyce’s child, who’s got assisted SPENSER towards several times, such as for instance by loaning your Chollo and/otherwise Bobby Horse. Stardust, Thin air, Potshot, Back Story (speak about only, given that he could be from inside the Switzerland together with his “staff”), Hundred dollar Child, Sixkill.

DeSpain. Vent City’s police captain, formerly your state police officer, who’s infatuated which have Jocelyn Colby. Hawk claims they are a difficult guy. Strolling Shade.

Dix. Doctor, previous police officer, who consults, forensically, toward cops and you can just who terminology that have police to your problems with alcohol, anxiety, and you can friends circumstances. University days, Rough-weather.

Dixon, Hugh. Wealthy guy just who hires SPENSER to acquire, and you will provide fairness, the new killers from his friends, and you may whom will get SPENSER’s sometime benefactor. The fresh new Judas Goat, Good Catskill Eagle, Hugger Mugger.

Doucette, Paul. Psychotherapist who had been legal bought to evaluate Goren Pappas because the a beneficial status regarding their release to your a fee of Wickton College for the Whichendon.

Elizabeth [ ]

Eisenhower, Gary. Alias to possess Goren Pappas, AKA Gary Astor and you will Elliot Herzog. Guy exactly who uses female. Blackmailing five women who Elizabeth Shaw means. The Elite.

Eisen, Ellen. Partner out-of Bernard, whose fling with Trenton Rowley was SPENSER’s very first connect towards the entire mess. Crappy Company.

Elmont, Arnie. Coverage protect to the Inn of one’s Wharf who had been one of the two guards exactly who taken care of immediately the phone call informing one the hotel that there are a health crisis for the Jumbo Nelson’s room. Sixkill.

Epstein, Nathan. SAC (Unique Agent in control) of your Boston FBI workplace. SPENSER’s FBI commitment. It works together with the benefit of one another regarding for you personally to time. Back Tale, Cooler Solution, Now and then, Rough-weather, New Elite group, Coated Women’s.

F [ ]

Farrell, Lee. Will get among SPENSER’s family and you may partners. Paper Doll, Strolling Trace, Thin air, Chance, Sudden Mischief, Hush money, Potshot, School days, Now and then, Decorated Women’s, and you will stated inside Sixkill. Surprisingly, legal counsel from the that label try mentioned for the Ch. 40 regarding Farewell, My personal Lovely of the Raymond Chandler.

Fiore, Rita. Secretary prosecutor, Norfolk County’s D.Good. work environment, later an older litigator for Cone, Oakes and you can Baldwin law firm. Pal and you may very long time pursuer out of SPENSER (never winning). Valediction, Soft Leaders and you may Princes, Short Habits, Abrupt Mischief, Widow’s Walk, Back Story, Crappy Company, Cool Services, University days, Rough-weather, The new Elite, Coated Women’s, Sixkill.

Joe Broz’s area whenever Joe resigned (“got dated. their little one’s a bust, and you can Vinnie kept him. “). Chance, Brief Vices, Potshot, Hundred-dollar Child.

Floyd, Ways. He motions girls in the strings having a charge – of massage therapy parlor so you’re able to hooker. Taming a sea Pony.

Fonesca, Artie. Ceo from Sheer Defense the organization which had been hired because of the Heidi Bradshaw to add cover to own their particular daughter’s relationships.

Fortunato, Bernard J. A private detective within the Vegas who has got aided SPENSER away from every now and then. One of SPENSER’s “Magnifiicent Eight.” Options, Potshot, said within the Once in a while.

Foy, Zoe. Cover shield to the Inn for the Wharf who was one of the two shields exactly who responded to the phone call advising the latest resort there are a medical disaster in Jumbo Nelson’s space. Helps SPENSER. Sixkill.

Grams [ ]

Gallagher, Estelle. Fitness expert during the Peak Fitness and you may main squeeze and you can providers spouse off Gary Eisenhower. She will pay the purchase price getting their believe.

Geoffrey. A member of this new FFL (Freedom’s Top Line) and one of people who attempted to assassinate SPENSER and you can Susan Silverman, for Bradley Turner and helped destroy Dennis Doherty. Once in a while.

George, Annette. AKA George. One of animal’s “girlfriends” away from “The fresh Stones.” She threw a rock during the Pearl II. She along with had washed out of the Creature to own talking to SPENSER.