One of the extremely important affairs out of character regarding the spouses was the quality of wudd

One of the extremely important affairs out of character regarding the spouses was the quality of wudd

The Prophet (serenity and you will blessings become on him) said, “Get married new enjoying/friendly, the child-affect lady, to have I will outstrip additional countries along with your wide variety into your day out of Wisdom.” (Ahmad, Abu Dawud, and others and you may classified just like the Sahih) Du kan prГёve her

3- Child-Bearing

As we find in these-mentioned hadith, the fresh Prophet (peace and blessings feel up on your) required dudes so you’re able to marry women that was youngster-bearing.

Which trait is related to a number of the goals and you can intentions of wedding which were stated prior to such as for example procreating this new Muslim Ummah, elevating good pious family unit members since the a foundation regarding society thereby forward.

4- Virginity

“Get married virgins having he has got sweeter lips, more productive wombs, and are usually contented with little they rating.” (At-Tabarani and is also Hasan)

Almost every other narrations mean that an effective virgin is more likely to be happier by one much less probably be devious and you can deceiving.

Shortly after, whenever Jabir married an older and you will in past times married woman, new Prophet (comfort and you may blessings become up on him) thought to him, “You will want to a good virgin? You could have enjoyed their and she along with you.”

Muslim students stress this a great characteristic applies to man merely since it applies to woman. `Umar ibn Al-Khattab (can get Allah appreciate your) shortly after observed a female who had been hitched so you can a senior guy and he told you: “O someone, fear Allah and you may help people marry their types.”

5- Charm

That it trait features a certain character to experience because the among the latest purposes of matrimony should be to remain both spouses out-of sins.

While this is a thing that undoubtedly increases throughout the years, initial thoughts can be in some cases be a barrier in order to a good winning matrimony.

The Prophet (peace and you will blessings getting upon him) ous question of Khul and her said reason try he try acutely displeasing in order to their.

There are numerous hadiths and that urge the target companion to track down a look at the most other just before creating the marriage.

After a partner informed the latest Prophet (tranquility and blessings getting on your) he was going to get married. This new Prophet (tranquility and you may blessings be on him) expected when the he’d viewed their unique. When the guy answered in negative, the guy (serenity and you will blessings end up being abreast of your) said, “Go and check out her because of it is far more planning breed love among them of you.” (Ahmad although some and it is Sahih)

“This new lady should select a guy that is spiritual, of great reputation, good and of substantial wide range. She cannot marry an evildoer. A person shouldn’t marry their younger child so you’re able to a vintage or an unsightly man, however, the guy is to get married their particular to at least one equivalent.”

Beauty has its part, however, remember that it’s way-down to the top priority list under piety, profile and you may religion. Whenever one throws charm above all else, the effects might be devastating.

Elaborating about what you need to look for in someone, the latest late Sheikh Sayyed Post-Darsh, the brand new late President of the British Shari`ah Council, adds:

Age difference in prospective partners should not be as well high. This is not fair supply a young girl to help you a good man that is twenty otherwise 30 years her senior.

A grey-haired guy shortly after approved by an early black colored-haired girl in which he proposed to her. She examined your and you can told you, ‘We deal with, but there’s a beneficial snag.’ The guy enquired just what it is actually, that she replied, ‘I have some grey tresses.’ The person died in place of a term. She titled out. ‘My personal buddy, take a look at my personal tresses!’ She got locks since the black colored just like the coal. He said to their unique, ‘Why did you declare that?’ She replied, ‘To let you know we hate when you look at the dudes what they do nothing like in females.’