Not surprisingly, but not, the woman is suggested are envious out of Honoka on her behalf high possessions

Not surprisingly, but not, the woman is suggested are envious out of Honoka on her behalf high possessions

Marie Flower and contains the littlest break out of all the female characters on the show, a primary examine in order to the girl friend and you can competition Honoka just who and has the greatest breasts, which had been even the subject out-of a beneficial pun within Japanese tag people introduction. In the Inactive otherwise Real time 6, when you are she possess a tips for dating a Sports Sites majority of her trademark clothing together with the recolors, she also offers new ones that are included with a cute jacket dress in pink, white, and black, and you can she comes with a beneficial lolita layout dress that has a great frilled shirt and pants having heeled lolita boots and you can a corresponding small Lolita hat which have a little ascot link. She plus obtains way more hairstyles such the woman ponytail on the Venus Vacation online game, plus double buns throughout the Partner Framework outfit event that have reddish pointed hair links like this lady typical of those.

Identification [ ]

Courtesy Deceased or Live 6’s facts, Marie Flower are shown to be one another dedicated and you may dedicated, noticed in exactly how she acts towards Helena exactly who she’s an effective slave so you’re able to, and you can Honoka which she befriends in the course of its big date with her. She is plus caring and protective while the she made an effort to avoid Hayate away from watching Helena even with him getting asked because of the Helena himself, and you may she was also brief to try and battle Bayman when she is actually split of Honoka about M.We.S.T. Laboratories, exhibiting one to she isn’t afraid to adopt threat of people size in the event it form securing men and women she’s connected or dedicated so you’re able to.

At the same time, Marie Flower can also be operate very childish and cannot appear to just take shedding gently; she appears to be weeping on to the ground such as for example a tiny girl when she seems to lose a complement, however if watched for enough time, she increases the lady deal with away from this lady hands prior to resuming the woman apparent fake sobbing. Ironically, even with their tend to acting childish, Xtreme Venus Trips demonstrates that she dislikes becoming than the an effective guy otherwise addressed such as for example that. She comes with absolutely nothing trouble with using certain sharing clothes, even in the event she does have her constraints, due to the fact during the a wages Girl pictures op, even she was ashamed at the being forced to show a significant of herself to Helena when she close to Kasumi must carry out a very effective “prayer pose” around the jesus sculpture, and you will she along with objected to help you the woman Davi outfit’s a great deal more discussing alternative means. She along with in certain cases can rating distracted from the other activities more than personal debt, given that evidenced of the just how she got herself and Kasumi later getting an interviewing the dog owner by choosing to score a tan.

Except that that it, Marie Rose as well as will cam in a really specialized trends, by way of their background among Helena’s servants, regardless of if it’s designed she’s trouble to avoid acting formally so you’re able to anyone else during the circumstances maybe not requiring they, such as for example whenever on vacation.

Marie Rose purports not to ever worry way too much from the the woman use up all your out of bodily growth in evaluation to another lady regarding show. She and additionally acknowledges one she from time to time wants she got a good old human body, even if only in the same way you to definitely she never be mistaken for children by the someone. Additionally, on Japanese sizes off Xtreme step 3, Xtreme Venus Trips and Dry otherwise Live 5 Last Bullet, this lady has a tendency to relate to by herself about 3rd people, that is significantly downplayed in the English products.

Etymology and you will Concept [ ]

Marie try French inside source, that is the fresh new french variety of “Mary”, whose meaning and provider was unsure. Flower is the name off a rose that comes into the an effective type of color, for each and every color which have an alternate definition.